Roof Mount Solar Array

9.2 kilowatt Grid-Tie Solar System Roof Mount Solar Array
Xantrex Invertor & Charge Controller Grid-Tie Battery Backup
Upgrade on Existing Solar System Remote Off-grid Solar System

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Roof Mount, Solar Array, Grid-tie,

This is a roof mount solar array for a grid-tie battery backup solar electric system.

In a off-grid system, where homeowners are living only off the power they make, the solar array is mounted so that the tilt of the panels can be changed to get the optimal angle of the sun at different seasons. In a grid-tie system customers will usually opt for a roof mounted non-adjustable rack. They will save cost on the rack and the installation and will not have the hassle of adjusting the rack. Grid-tie systems can use power from the grid so their power production is not as critical.

This rack was 3 stories up on a steep roof. Good thing we are rock climbers.