Xantrex Invertor & Charge Controller

9.2 kilowatt Grid-Tie Solar System Roof Mount Solar Array
Xantrex Invertor & Charge Controller Grid-Tie Battery Backup
Upgrade on Existing Solar System Remote Off-grid Solar System

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Xantrex Inverter and Charge Controller for Grid-tie Battery

A Xantrex 4548 Inverter, Power Control Panel and Solar Charge Controller for a Grid-tie Battery Backup System. This system in the foothills of the mountains is a 1700 watt system. The inverter is programmed to automatically decide where to channel the solar energy made at all times. It will use the power to run circuits in the house, feed power to the batteries and send power to the grid.

Any power that is sent back to the grid is credited to the home owners. This system was rebated by the federal government and the state to total about a 1/3 of the system. It is a good time to go solar. Components have greatly advanced in the last few years and the rebates are good.