Grid-Tie Battery Backup

9.2 kilowatt Grid-Tie Solar System Roof Mount Solar Array
Xantrex Invertor & Charge Controller Grid-Tie Battery Backup
Upgrade on Existing Solar System Remote Off-grid Solar System

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Grid-tie battery backup

Ryan and Mark bolting down the solar panels for a grid-tie battery backup solar system. This 1600 watt system will feed electricity into the batteries, power circuits and feed excess power into the grid.

Three stories up on a steep roof this job required fancy footwork. The owners live in the foothills of Mountains and tend to lose power a few times a year,they are tired of losing the food in their freezer. The battery back up will provide for their crucial electric needs when the grid goes down.

The rebates for this system will pay for about 1/3 of the cost of the system.